SBI CBO Interview 2020-What kind of Questions Will be asked ?

SBI CBO Interview Questions: State Bank Of India had released 3,850 vacancies for the SBI Circle Based Officer appointment in the month of July 2020. Online Registration for CBO Recruitment Closed on 16-08-2020. The selection process is carried out through a shortlisting and personal interview round, and a written examination can also be carried out if the need is felt by the State Bank of India Authority. In this article, we have provided a few questions that can be asked in the SBI CBO interview round. These questions can be useful for the candidates who are preparing for the SBI CBO Interview.

SBI CBO Interview Questions – Pre-Interview Formalities

First, biometric verification and then verification is completed by Adhaar Card before an interview is commenced. Once the document verification has been completed, you will be sent to the Interview Round. At the same time, an undertaking is undertaken for this purpose. There is also an extremely fair and transparent system within SBI, with the SBI CBO salary also covering several benefits and allowances that each employee is liable for earning for annual assessments. Check for a thorough reading of the article for what type of questions asked in the SBI CBO Interview.

Basic Things to Remember in SBI CBO Interview

This is the basic list of things you should recollect when you go to the interview:

  • Dress appropriately
  • Arrive on time
  • Be Confident

What questions are asked in SBI CBO Interview?

Family issues, academic history, job aspirations and priorities, job concerns, banking knowledge, and public affairs concerns, and current affairs concerns are questioned in the SBI CBO Interview.

  • Tell me about yourself. Why did you want job like this?
  • Tell us about your higher education?
  • When did you determine your future in banking?
  • What’s the greatest strength of you?
  • Why would you like to serve in the banking industry?
  • Will you have any real work experience?

SBI CBO Banking Related Interview Questions

  • What are NPA (Non-Performing Assets)?
  • How is RBI handling NPA
  • What do you feel about disinvestment and what is its objective?
  • What is Retail Lending?

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